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Awarebox Is Ready To Resolve Problems of the World by Spreading Awareness among People

valid until: 22 Dec 2017date published: 22 Dec 2016

Awarebox is a subscription box that aims at spreading awareness about the people of various countries and the various problems that they face. With the help of fair trade, Awarebox aims to help craftspeople and farmers of many developing countries find easy access to customers, who often get economically and socially marginalized by other powerful companies. By subscribing to the Awarebox book subscription box, people can have access to a book about the country, have one or two fair trade items, the flag of that country and 4 greeting cards and 3 adult coloring pages. The fair trade subscription box is meant to spread awareness among all people about the problems faced by the people of that country and find ways to resolve them. Awarebox is also soon to launch subscription boxes for women that specifically cater to issues that affect women.

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