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An Appropriate Time to Drink Water for Losing Weight

valid until: 03 Jan 2018date published: 03 Jan 2017

A study was made of an appropriate time to drink water for losing weight. It was found that drinking two glasses of water prior eating a meal, encouraged greater weight loss; than a group who drank water with or after a meal. This is significant for considering the best time to hydrate your body. Drinking with a meal will dilute the meal content and therefore dilute the valuable nutrients in the food. The timing to drink is also important because drinking before a meal allows the water to be directed to solely hydrating your body. Drinking a small amount of water with food allows the food to be better mixed with the gastric juices, but will not hydrate your body. In addition, drinking alkaline water before a meal will help you lose more weight, because the alkaline water captures all the loose acidic ions wandering around your body, neutralizes them, preventing further fat deposits be created on your body.

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An Appropriate Time to Drink Water for Losing Weight
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