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They wasted no time putting the gamer back in control

valid until: 06 Jan 2018date published: 06 Jan 2017

The Dynamic Duo concept makes me a little nervous because I'm a little fearful of being trapped in a program with Justice, but if there's a good variety of results within your MyPlayer and his interactions, then it should still be organic enough. While I didn't like Lee's Livin' Da Dream approach in NBA 2K16, I respected 2K's attempt to do something different with the story. I also respect their acknowledgement that the approach wasn't right for their community. They wasted no time putting the gamer back in control. 2K is stepping out on a limb with this concept. Essentially, it amounts to a chemistry rating between two star players. Your MyPlayer and Justice will be encouraged to play together in an effort to increase the amount of Orange Juice the two of you have.

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