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Say Yes To Horlicks to Beat Nutrient Deficiencies in Your Child

valid until: 21 Apr 2018date published: 21 Apr 2017

Nutrient deficiencies can get the better of your growing child even if you have been serving the best of meals, and it can take a big bite out of your child??ôs growth and brain development. If you feel that your child has been experiencing slower growth in terms of height and weight while lagging way behind in mental tasks, a daily dose of Horlicks can be your quickest, tastiest and healthiest solution to it all.
Horlicks is packed with essential growth and immunity system boosters including essential vitamins, minerals and proteins to replenish nutrients and facilitate healthy bone and muscle development, improved brain activity followed by healthy height and weight gain each of which is proven clinically across trusted labs worldwide.
Available in a number of irresistible flavors ranging all the way from Chocolate to Kesar Badam, implementing healthy eating for kids with Horlicks can never be too difficult.

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