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Celebes Delicious, Crispy Banana Chips available to be purchased

valid until: 23 May 2018date published: 23 May 2017

NO manufactured shading, flavor or additives - Celebes banana chips are made out of best Philippine bananas of the Saba and Cardava assortment. Imported from Philippines - Banana Capital of the World best homesteads, our banana chips are best appropriate for your solid, tasty nibble inclining toward. Call us at + 63 85 342-7777 to arrange in mass. Visit:



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international driving license international driving license

international driving license

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International Driving Permit is an internationally recognised permit which allows you to drive overseas.It a translation you your local driving license and you may use it along with your home license.Obtain it if you are planning to rent or drive motor vehicles in foreign countries.

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supplier of medical raw materials needed supplier of medical raw materials needed

supplier of medical raw materials needed

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I'm working as a Secretary to the Purchasing manager with Health Life Wise Pharmaceuticals (UK). It is about a businesssupply of medical raw materials for production of expensive anti-retroviral medicines.I luckily got the transaction details of the merchant whom supplied these raw materials with contact details of the farmer whom grow the seeds in Togo Republic and Northern India.Our company through my department purchases herbal product (seeds and root) which has been proved to be useful in curing deadly human diseases from suppliers at the rate of $1620 per sachet. These suppliers...

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