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Highly Affordable Group Home Austin and Killeen TX

valid until: 19 Jun 2018date published: 19 Jun 2017

Picture Perfect Cooperative Living has been providing group home in Austin TX since 2000. We have been providing various types of group homes and care homes throughout Texas. Our group homes are designed for people with various problems like financial difficulties, cognitive or behavioral health conditions, homelessness and many others. People with such problems often have a difficulty in affording rent and covering additional expenses such as water, gas, electricity, and medical bills.

Our Group Homes are for people who:

??? Cannot afford apartment & do not have desire and/or capability to handle additional expenses

??? A Parent or Family Member Needs To Locate A Group Home For A Relative or Family Member

??? A Veteran has returned from war or oversees and needs counseling and a place to live

??? An Elderly Person Needs To Find A Group Home To Live Due To Lowered Monthly Income

Picture Perfect Living aims to provide a very affordable living environment for people with various types of disability. Our all-inclusive group homes in the friendly neighborhood provide the best environment for recovery and support.

CALL NOW: 512-686-8315.



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Highly Affordable Group Home Austin and Killeen TX
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