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Rehoming two cats (Reno)

valid until: 25 Jul 2018date published: 25 Jul 2017

I need to find homes for two female cats. The first will be 2 years old November 10th. She was my ex husband's cat and when we divorced he left her with me. He had never spayed her and she was pregnant and had her kittens. I whelped the litter and raised them all and found them all homes. Now Mama just needs a place to call her own. She is very friendly and laid back, very well socialized. She's fine with all of my dogs and other cats. She still needs to be spayed so I will be rehoming her with a spay contract or if preferred I can do it for you before she comes to you. We call her the little nurse because she is very considerate and sweet when anyone is sick, hurt, or feeling down. Very intuitive cat. She is very unique looking, she looks like a tabby and calico pattern mixed together. Her name is Melitta. The second cat used to belong to a roommates family where she was neglected. She was extremely fearful and shy when we first got her. Since being with us she has been socialized and come out of her shell. She is one of the funniest and silliest cats I have ever met. Very quirky. Affectionate but not overly so. She will take some time to warm up to a new environment. She looks like a maine coon but is rather small. Hates dogs however. Strictly no dog home. Takes a while to accept other cats. She is spayed. Her name is Zebra. Melitta would be better suited to a home with multiple or pushy cats. Zebra would do better with a calm mild mannered cat, or maybe a kitten. She did get along great with Melitta's kittens, after a few weeks. If you are interested in adding either of these lovely girls to your home, please contact me and tell me about the home and life you can offer them



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Bob needs a loving home!

Community » please help
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Community » please help
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It is one bed room hall. Everything is separate. NO any kind of sharing.. The rooms are very big and airy.. With the bed room, there is attached bathroom and kitchen...THE ROOMS are available in both conditions: furnished and unfurnished.. Rent will vary according to ÿøùr choice..We need small and good family and PAKISTANI family would bę more preferable.Only Muslim family is required..All kinds of facilities would bę provided to ÿøù. There is one reserved parking for ÿøù. High speed internet is available{This would be excluded from rent}.To know about RENT or OTHER detai...

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