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Listen To Guillermo Big Caz Eilands Mo Thugs Records Albums

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Do you love prison albums that rock with songs about low life, prison walls and rehabilitation? If you do, you will love to listen to the 4 albums from Mo’ Thugs Records - Family Scriptures (1996), Chapter II: Family Reunion (1998), Mo Thugs III: The Mothership (2000) and The Movement (2003). Infamous drug dealer turned executive producer Guillermo Big Caz Eiland has thrown his muscle and money behind the recording studio.
You can also watch the big man share his life story about his years as a dreaded drug dealer in LA and running one of most infamous Crip gangs there to serving time in prison for 4 years 10 months on charges of manslaughter and coming out to lead a respectable life as a song producer. The episode can be watched on YouTube as a part of the popular program “Fresh Out: Life after the Penitentiary”.

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