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3DModellierung, Rendering, Animation

valid until: 16 Apr 2019date published: 16 Apr 2018
3d modeling, visualization, animation
I am engaged in architectural design, interior design and visualization, visualization of buildings and structures, animation, 3D presentations, creating 3D 360 degree panoramas, creating 3D virtual tours, 3D modeling, developing concepts of any complexity, investment projects, facade design, interior design , the design of exteriors, landscape design.
Also the development of printing products: the imposition of catalogs, brochures, flyers, booklets, advertising products.
Freelance services: Architecture, Graphic design, 3D modeling, Visualization, Animation, Drawings.
We realize the most daring of your projects !!!
We will be successful together!

Design Studio
Tel./Viber/WhatsApp: +38 068 350 89 25
Tel .: +38 095 910 78 23

3D Visualization, 3D animation is a great way to convey to the New and existing Customers all the benefits of your property, your product, your products.
Advertising real estate can not be imagined without demonstrating the property. Modern technologies make it possible to demonstrate the future object at the construction stage. Visualization is developed depending on the marketing concept and creative idea, which helps make the project more attractive for investors and buyers.
Incarnate any of your ideas in interior design. Correctly choose furniture, color, decor elements. 3D visualization will help you not only to see the future design, but also to use the useful area competently.
Visualization of the interior helps the designer to coordinate all details with the customer and avoid any disagreements. After all, the customer can choose from among several options the one that he likes best.
3D visualization is necessary not only for interior designers, but also for the owners of the apartment. Interior designers: to harmonize the design with customers even before the apartment is renovated. To the owners of the apartments: it will help to evaluate how the new furniture or tiles will be combined, even before the purchase.
3D visualization of furniture makes it possible to convey not only the size of the furniture and its configuration, but also smaller and larger parts located on its surface.
We like to work on interesting projects, and we are sure your project is just like that!
Visualization of furniture for the catalog.
The final price and terms of completion after the clarification of the assignment (prices are the lowest).
Thank you!



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3DModellierung, Rendering, Animation
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