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Free Classifieds Ads for Belarus

Belarus is situated in the centre of Europe, and has international borders with five countries:Russia,Ukraine,Poland, Lithuania,Latvia. Although a landlocked state, the location has made Belarus an important trade and transport route between Europe and the CIS. The total land area of Belarus is more than 207,000 square kilometers. The country of Belarus is divided into six administrative districts, each centred around a major city: -Minsk region -Brest region -Gomel region -Grodno region -Mogilev region -Vitebsk region Here you can find Free Classifieds Ads for Belarus. Click here to Post Free Ad in Belarus. From here you can see all the […]

Arch in Argentina

The Land of the Six Continents – Classifieds for Argentina

Here you can find Free Classifieds Ads for Argentina. Click here to Post Free Ad in Argentina. The largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, the Republic of Argentina is known locally as “The Land of the Six Continents” for its geographic and climatic diversity, has a long and fascinating history and is a major Buenos Aires Skylineeconomic and political power in South America. The capital, Buenos Aires, famous for its 47 historically and culturally distinctive neighborhoods such as La Boca and La Recoleta, is, at the same time the most cosmopolitan city on the continent, largely as a result of […]


Andorra – a small country in southwestern Europe

Here you can find Free Classifieds Ads for Andorra. Click here to Post Free Ad in Andorra. From here you can see all the cities in Andorra and see ads there. You can get the latest Ads in Andorra RSS Feed directly in your website. Andorra, officially the Principality of Andorra, is a small landlocked country in southwestern Europe, located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains and bordered by Spain and France. It is the sixth smallest nation in Europe having an area of 468 km2 and an estimated population of 83,888 in 2009. Its capital, Andorra la Vella, is the highest capital city […]


Economy of Afghanistan

The economy of Afghanistan has improved significantly since 2002 due to the infusion of multi-billion dollars in international assistance and investments, as well as remittances from Afghan expats. It is also due to dramatic improvements in agricultural production and the end of a four-year drought in most of the country. However, Afghanistan still remains one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world that is highly dependent on foreign aid. The nation’s GDP stands at about $27 billion with an exchange rate of $15 billion, and the GDP per capita is about $900. Afghanistan is one of the […]