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Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH)

Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH) video

Architecture is the platform where all cultures, heritages, traditions, and histories meet, through architectural conservation, the built heritage is prolonged and conserved by the planning of individuals or organisations that works solely for the purpose of conservation & preservation of Architectural heritage. Through critical decisions that are based on the criteria of combining, artistic, contextual, and informational values, the heritage is preserved, restored, or sometimes, no actions might be taken for the best interest of the cultur...

date published: 24 Oct 2016     valid until: 25 Oct 2017

Real love spell caster that help bring back my husbamd

Real love spell caster that help bring back my husbamd video

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date published: 23 Sep 2016     valid until: 23 Sep 2017

Cities Identity Through Architecture and Arts (CITAA)

Cities Identity Through Architecture and Arts (CITAA) video

This Conference will discuss the examples and tendencies in dealing with urban identities as well as the transformation of cities and urban cultures mentioned in terms of their form, identity, and their current art. Contemporary art, when subjected to experiments, continues to be produced in various directions, to be consumed and to put forward new ideas.

date published: 23 Jul 2016     valid until: 23 Jul 2017

Alternative Renewable Energy Quest in Architecture and Urbanism

Alternative Renewable Energy Quest in Architecture and Urbanism video

The AREQAU conference aims to showcase to the international community, the groundbreaking results of the work in the fields of renewable energy research, development, application or design. It will provide a platform for researchers, scientists, manufacturers, institutions, world agencies, and societies to keep up with new developments in theory and physical design applications and to provide alternative energy solutions to current issues such as the greenhouse effect, sustainable and clean energy issues.

date published: 04 Jul 2016     valid until: 04 Jul 2017