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Gold Ingots, Bars, Bullion, Powder, Dust, Nuggets

Gold Ingots, Bars, Bullion, Powder, Dust, Nuggets video

Product:GOLD DUST/GOLD NUGGETS/BARS/INGOTSSpecs:98.9%Quantity:1200KGWeight:kgPrice:$25000Terms:CIF/FOBMore info:We are ready for the trail shipment of 50-600Kilograms and the payment of the product will be done in the buyers refinery and the buyer will pay for the cost of cargo including the insurance and it will deduct from the product. No Brokers or mandate

date published: 04 Dec 2015     valid until: 04 Dec 2016

AU Gold Bars and Uncut Diamond for sale

AU Gold Bars and Uncut Diamond for sale video

Introducing our mining company to you for a very fruitful business transaction. we are a miners who have come together to upgrade our production through the introduction of modern technology and equipment. We have therefore over the months stockpiled alluvial gold dust ready for sale to prospective foreign capital to meet this target. Our offer is to companies and individuals who is interested in buying our gold. We are therefore looking for a buyer and a facilitator partner who will represent our interest in any country. You will be ade...

date published: 03 Jul 2015     valid until: 03 Jul 2016