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slitters slitters

We build Coil Slitting Lines to process material thicknesses upto 12mm and coil weights up to 40 t, with max. speed up to 400m / min. The slitter provides the power to process the material, the recoiler the power to rewind. In addition to manufacturing we recondition and repair several brand names of equipment.For more information please vis...

linen trolleys

linen trolleys linen trolleys

Linen Trolleys for laundries and hospitals: Logistica Paggiola provides laundry and linen Roll Cages to Laundries and Hospitals. Linen trolleys manufactured in italy. For more information please visit here Information====================Logistica Pag...

crushing plants

crushing plants crushing plants

Manufacture of crushing plants and framework machining. OMG builds reliable screening and crushing plants, quick in treating raw materials, with excellent quality of the produced piece.For more information please visit here Information===================...

chariot linges pour blanchisseries

chariot linges pour blanchisseries chariot linges pour blanchisseries

Logistica Paggiola produit et fournit aux chariot linges pour blanchisseries et hôpitaux. Les Roll conteneurs pour blanchisserie sont fabriqués selon les normes de qualité européennes.Pour plus d'informations s'il vous plaît visitez iciées==================...


rollbehlter rollbehlter

Wir entwickeln und fertigen rollbehälter sowohl in Standard-und kundenspezifische Dimension Design für den Materialtransport entlang des Produktionszyklus und Lagerung der fertigen Produkte.Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie bitte hier