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Japanese Take Mahjong Set

Japanese Take Mahjong Set video

This is a feature-packed Japanese mahjong set.The tiles are bright and easy to handle; they have been designed with slightly flatter backs for improved stability in the walls!The set comes with a "professional player recommendation" because the tiles are slightly larger than average and the faces are bright and easy to read.The set is made to Japanese specifications, with NO ARABIC NUMERALS!The tiles measure 1 inch X 3/4 inch X 5/8 inch.The set includes 144 tiles and features:* 4 Season Tiles* 4 "Red 5" Bonus Tiles ("e...

date published: 12 Nov 2013     valid until: 12 Nov 2014

Green You

Green You video

When you use 'green' products, your pets, children and the earth will thank you.This company was green before green was popular. They do not advertise, they reward word of mouth sales.Try it, you will thank me. Auntie Connie

date published: 12 Jun 2013     valid until: 13 Jun 2014