Beautiful pets / animals for adoption in UK. Lovely pets / animals for rehoming. Classifieds for pets / animals seeking lovely home. Sale and buy pets / animals. Beautiful pets / animals of many kinds available for sale, at a very good prices in UK.

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Gundog Puppy Training UK

Gundog Puppy Training UK video

Dog ramblers do provide gundog puppy training at the most reasonable cost. Also includes - dog obedience training and clicker training etc. Book online @

date published: 26 Aug 2016     valid until: 26 Aug 2017

Residential Dog Training

Residential Dog Training video

Dog Ramblers provide exclusive Residential dog training in several cities in UK. Get your dog trained by a professional dog trainer. Check more at :

date published: 26 Aug 2016     valid until: 26 Aug 2017

Dog Training Preston

Dog Training Preston video

Get your dog trained by professional. Teach your dog to respond and obey you.Book online the training package now : or call - 0777 676 1289

date published: 25 Aug 2016     valid until: 25 Aug 2017

Dog Training Liverpool

Dog Training Liverpool video

Looking for a professional dog training centre in Liverpool, feel free to explore : and give us a call at - 0777 676 1289

date published: 25 Aug 2016     valid until: 25 Aug 2017

Japanese koi for sale in Cheshire.

Japanese koi for sale in Cheshire. video

Nishikigoi export Koi all Quality Nishikigoi have expertise in Japanese koi for sale.we have Japanese koi shop in Cheshire. We import Koi fish from Japan along with full carp koi varieties with koi carp dry goods.Quality over the world.We also offer a service of moving your own Koi if you have decided to move to a different part of the UK or a different country. Quality Nishikigoi can design and build a hassle free pond of any size.We will build the pond from start to finish in a quick and hassle free way, from arranging waste removal to housin...

date published: 16 Aug 2016     valid until: 16 Aug 2017

male and female Marmoset Monkeys

male and female Marmoset Monkeys video

Charming Marmoset Monkeys Available for adoption. Very sweet little monkeys. 4 months old and is very small. loves people and is diaper and leash trained. is very friendly with other animals and loves dogs. really smart and loves to suck on her toes while she is a sleep. so well behaved that we do not cage her. She is a very well behaved little monkey, very smart and needs more attention and time than we can currently provide. Her price is negotiable, but she must go to a loving home that has the time to devote to her. I have changed my mind se...

date published: 05 Aug 2016     valid until: 05 Aug 2017

Pomeranian puppies

Pomeranian puppies video

Pomeranian puppies Beautiful playful puppies that need good homes. Good with children and other animals. 2nd shots and dewormed.

date published: 27 Jul 2016     valid until: 27 Jul 2017

Lantus (insulin glargine)

Lantus (insulin glargine) video

we have the best insulins in stock at thebest prices- Humalog (insulin lispro)- Novolog (insulin aspart)- Levemir (insulin detemir)- Humulin N (insulin human).- Novolog 70/30 (insulin aspart)- Humulin R (insulin human)- Humalog 75/25 (insulin lispro)- Humulin 70/30 (insulin human)- Novolin 70/30 (human insulin)- Novolin N (human insulin)- Novolin R (human insulin)- Apidra (insulin glulisine)- Humalog 50/50 (insulin lispro)email:

date published: 24 Jul 2016     valid until: 25 Jul 2017

Acrobatic male and female Capuchin Monkeys Available for Free Adoption

Acrobatic male and female Capuchin Monkeys Available for Free Adoption video

My fiance and I are giving out Cute baby Capuchin Monkey For Adoption to any pet loving and caring family no matter where ever they might be. Our Babies Monkeys is a house raised babies Capuchin monkeys who is diaper trained, leash trained, wears clothes and likes to lay around, watch TV and take snaps with you. Please contact for more information about on this babies monkeys. She is vaccinated, obedient, intelligent, acrobatic, very healthy and loves the company of children and other pets contact us for more information email me at (jamesgomez...

date published: 16 Jul 2016     valid until: 16 Jul 2017

dogs for sale uk

dogs for sale uk video

Dogs and puppies for sale directory

date published: 11 Jul 2016     valid until: 11 Jul 2017

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