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Altai building 360 sq.m. near mountain0.5 hec

Altai building 360 sq.m. near mountain0.5 hec video

The building of an elementary school of 360 square meters with a plot near the mountain of 0.5 hectares. larch timber from the 70 years of construction. under repair (replacement of windows, basement). There is electricity, cold water, telephone and mobile communications, satellite TV Internet, paved road. Airport 55 km. Hunting, fishing, coniferous taiga forest (cedar, fir, spruce). land may expand by 0.5 hectares and make a big pond) .in property. tax $ 50 US personally. I welcome your questions. Village Tunzha Choya District. the road to the...

date published: 05 Jan 2016     valid until: 05 Jan 2017