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We offer fresh cut bank instrument for lease/sale, such as BG, SBLC, MTN, Bank Bonds, Bank Draft, T strips and others. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal expense to the borrower compared to other banking options. This offer is opened to both those and corporate bodies.Description of Instrument:1.Instrument: Bank Guarantee (BG)/SBLC2.Total Face Value: MINIMUM 1MILLION EURO/USD - MAXIMUM 100BILLION EURO/USD3.Issuing Bank: HSBC London or AA rated Bank in Western Europe or USA.4.Term: One Year, One Month5.Leasing Price: 5...

date published: 01 Nov 2014     valid until: 01 Nov 2015

Direct Loan Uk No Broker Fee

Direct Loan Uk No Broker Fee video

Get direct loan from loans direct in uk there will be no extra fee will be charged best service with best offers should be given to the clients.

date published: 31 Oct 2014     valid until: 31 Oct 2015

Looking for Short Term Loan Lenders

Looking for Short Term Loan Lenders video

Debt problems? Ask us for a loan. Next Credit is one of UK's most secure short term loan lender. Get payday loan up to £300. To know more, visit us @

date published: 30 Oct 2014     valid until: 30 Oct 2015

Online Short Term Loans

Online Short Term Loans video

A payday loan is a quick, legal and easy solution to an unexpected problem, like when one needs money urgently to pay for bills, such as medical expenses, car repairs etc. Get online short term loans from Nextcredit, an established online payday loan provider in th UK.For more information visit:

date published: 28 Oct 2014     valid until: 28 Oct 2015

Long Term Installment Loans

Long Term Installment Loans video

Today people just because of their bad credit scores cannot apply for any cash advance scheme. But now it became possible for them to get its facility as with emerging of various lenders with their upcoming new schemes in which people irrespective of their bad credit scores can also apply for it. Long term installment loans @ is among that scheme where all people with good or bad credit scores can easily avail money and fulfill their emergency requirements. In this one can easily a...

date published: 25 Oct 2014     valid until: 25 Oct 2015


Testimony video

Hello Every Body,My name is Marian Gareth a citizen of U.S.A, I am a mother of 3 kids, I want to testify of the lender who showed light to me when I was in need of funds to rescue my children from sickness and to start up a supermarket business after the death of my husband.I never knew that there would still be genuine lenders of funds until I came across Mr Andre Steven the CEO of Andre Financial Loan Company, he is indeed a genuine lender of funds.Well when I emailed him, he gave me the details of his transaction and I was afraid...

date published: 24 Oct 2014     valid until: 24 Oct 2015

Payday Cash Loans UK

Payday Cash Loans UK video

When faced with an unexpected problem, one needs money urgently to pay for bills, such as medical expenses, car repairs etc. A payday loan can come to rescues you in such a situation. Contact Nextcredit for payday cash loans in UK.For more information visit:

date published: 22 Oct 2014     valid until: 22 Oct 2015



Loan Offer Service Company,we offer all kinds of loans products tailored to meet our customers'(borrower) varying needs.Looking for auto loans, personal loans, churchesloan,school loans buy a new car or conservatory, need a financial boost during your studies or require a helping hand as a graduate, we're here to help others at just3% rate. You may also wish to consider taking cover to protect your personal loan. If you are interested in our loans above which are free collateral, certified anddavidbesonloan@hotmail.comLOAN APPLICATION:...

date published: 21 Oct 2014     valid until: 21 Oct 2015

Payday Loans in Minutes

Payday Loans in Minutes video

Get payday loan in mintes from Nextcredit, one of the secure payday loan lenders in the UK. Payday Loans - helping you stay afloat until your next payday.For more information visit:

date published: 20 Oct 2014     valid until: 20 Oct 2015

Half Price Jewellery

Half Price Jewellery video

Cashline Pawnbrokers are known for providing cash and loans against your half price jewellery. If you are looking to exchange your jewellery for cash then Cashline welcomes you.

date published: 18 Oct 2014     valid until: 18 Oct 2015

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