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Give the gift of health

Give the gift of health video

- Improves brain activity- Preparation helps fight diabetes- Reduces pain- Reduces stress and depression...

date published: 11 Jun 2016     valid until: 11 Jun 2017


Laminine video

YOUR HEALTH - it is the foundation of your life ...Awaken your health!Bring your universal health serviceman:Your stem cellsHow to do it ?FirstGet information!-info video please send a message toHERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FOR YOU!SecondTry it!If you are interested, can pass information to each otherSharing verified information is very valuable service!You can increase your intake!Stem cellsThey are universal cells. capable of metamorphosing into any specific cell in the b...

date published: 29 May 2016     valid until: 29 May 2017

Virgin Coconut Oil Premium Quality!!!

Virgin Coconut Oil Premium Quality!!! video

We supply Export and Premium Quality Virgin Coconut Oil.*100% Authentic, Natural VCO*Made from hand-picked, mature, fresh, Organically grown Philippine matured coconutsSpecifications:1.Virgin Coconut Oil2.Alfa laval Centrifuge, Cold Press, Natural Settling3.Purifier: Tubular Centrifuge, demoistuerised4.Extracted from fresh Coconut Milk5.Purity: 100%6.Lead Time: 30 days7.Certification: PCA Lab, SGS Lab, INTERTEK Lab. Organic certification: USDA NOP, JAS organic, EU organic.8. Packing detail : Steel Drum ( 200kg ) ...

date published: 23 Sep 2015     valid until: 23 Sep 2016