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EventManagementDubaiUAE EventManagementDubaiUAE

Mosaic Live is an event planning and execution company that offers brand activation,creative ideas, personalized support, professional advice and many more, making sure every detail is perfect. For further information please visit at

Mega Inflatable Parks

Mega Inflatable Parks Mega Inflatable Parks

Our fun-packed mega parks come with a large variety of recreational games, wacky obstacle courses, mazes, and crazy slides. Your guests will not believe their eyes!

MultiActivity Bounce Houses

MultiActivity Bounce Houses MultiActivity Bounce Houses

Jump, Hop, Roll, Play! Make it a fun-filled day with your choice of our multi-activity bounce houses.Choose a 5-in-1 or 4-in-1 activity bounce house with your favorite character theme. Jumping games, obstacle courses, and slides are sure to give you fun times!

Foam Pool

Foam Pool Foam Pool

A pool covered in fun-filled foam! There's no end to the fun & games you and your guests will enjoy with our famous foam pools. Book one for your party today!

Bump Ball

Bump Ball Bump Ball

In competitive games where tackling is a concern, we offer our innovative "bump balls", which allow players to bump and tackle their fellow players without the dangers of an injury. Watch the game turn into a hilarious show, where players have all the fun without any of the danger. With an open top for easy breathing and handles inside fo...