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Black HawkPulse Induction Metal DetectorBlack HawkPulse Induction Metal Detector

Black HawkPulse Induction Metal Detector

tools » hand tools

Black Hawk is a high-powered, pulse induction-based metal detector by OKM. It is one of the most efficient metal detector in the world as it can be used to detect targets at a greater depth in all types of soil than with any other detectors. Engineers continuously seek for improvements and were able to increase the size of the detection field, enabling a much deeper ground scanning. Black Hawk is used to detect precious metals such as gold nuggets, gold & silver jewelries, buried treasur...

date: 19 Oct 2017 - 19 Oct 2018

EVOLUTIONNew 3D Ground ScannerEVOLUTIONNew 3D Ground Scanner

EVOLUTIONNew 3D Ground Scanner

tools » hand tools
Iran » Bushehr

The new 3d ground scanner "Evolution" enforces what the name already promises. This deep scan detector takes another step forward in advanced metal detection technology. It is a stunning blend of functionality, ergonomics and futuristic design.The device includes the following functionality:1. Wireless telescopic probe2. LED-light for searching in the dark3. Full color display with touch-screen4. 'Live Sound' mode with VLF metal detector5. '3D Scan' mode with GST/EMSR scannerA state of...

date: 17 Oct 2017 - 17 Oct 2018

ROver C2AllMetal Detector Cave FinderROver C2AllMetal Detector Cave Finder

ROver C2AllMetal Detector Cave Finder

tools » hand tools
Argentina » Bushehr

ROVER C II Metal Detector from OKM is based on eletromagnetic pulse method which can be used to detect anomalies in the field. This device is very effective, not only in detecting metals, but also in finding natural features such as formations of strata, cavities, groundwater, as well as buried objects such as pipes, tanks, boxes, underground caves and tombs, tunnels and other underground structures.Rover CII is a 3D ground scanner which makes it possible to visualize the scanned terrain and...

date: 15 Oct 2017 - 15 Oct 2018

Culligan Water Filter Cartridge Sheridan SupplyCulligan Water Filter Cartridge Sheridan Supply

Culligan Water Filter Cartridge Sheridan Supply

tools » hand tools
USA » New York » Albany

Get the best Culligan Water Filter Cartridge at Sheridan Supply. We are one of the most renowned suppliers of water filter cartridges in USA. Our Culligan P5-A Filter Cartridge has extra fine sediment filtration that helps in reducing extra-fine dirt, sand, salt, rust and scale particles. To get complete details about the products provided by us, visit our online store:

date: 11 Oct 2017 - 11 Oct 2018

Do You Look For the Best Quality Road Milling Teeth Get Help from JYF MACHINERY?Do You Look For the Best Quality Road Milling Teeth Get Help from JYF MACHINERY?

Do You Look For the Best Quality Road Milling Teeth Get Help from JYF MACHINERY?

tools » hand tools
China » Albany

Do you look for a good manufacturer, who supplies auger teeth holder? You can choose JYF Machinery. The company was established in the year 2013 and they have been striving to show innovation to improve wear resistance in their machinery wear parts. The company also supplies grinder wear parts and they are good in this niche. The reason is that the company do not want to dilute their efforts by selling products that are not related to their business in any way. With their constant effort to impr...

date: 11 Oct 2017 - 11 Oct 2018