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Pyrite FeS2 Manufacture Exporter

valid until: 05 Sep 2018date published: 05 Sep 2017

Jainson Lab India is a company formed with the core reason to manufacture and supply of industrial chemicals that are used in various applications. The company has invested heavily in research and development in the field of chemical engineering for the products like ferrous sulphide, copper iron sulphide, zinc sulphide, pyrite, pyrite cord wire, lead chloride, ammonium chloride, sulphur powder, double refined sulphur, double refined sulphur granule, Potassium Aluminium Fluoride (PAF), selenium metal powder, selenium metal pellets, selenium metal granules, Antimony Tri Sulphide, Calcium Flouride (Flourspar), Tin Sulphide to develop first class chemical products used in industries such as steel manufacturing, grey cast iron, and foundry workshops and even in agricultural industries.

The company specializes in production of special sulphide and chloride chemicals such as pyrite lumps, pyrite powder, sulphur powders, sulphur rolls and granulated sulphur, chlorides and copper iron sulphides.

Pyrite - FeS2
Pyrite (FeS2) is a flagship product of the company. The product is used in various industrial processes like the manufacture of sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, making of non-rechargeable lithium batteries, pyrite lumps, pyrite cored wires among other uses. To get more information about Pyrite - FeS2 visit our website.

Jainson Lab (INDIA)
A-2, Udyog Puram,
Near Power House, Delhi Road
Meerut (India) – 250103
Phone:+(91) - (121) - 2440018,+(91) - (121) - 2440038
Mob.:+(91) - 9760005649

Pyrite FeS2 Manufacture Exporter
Pyrite FeS2 Manufacture Exporter
Pyrite FeS2 Manufacture Exporter
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