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Are You An Artist Concerned About Your Web Presence? Get Help from IACU

valid until: 16 Oct 2018date published: 16 Oct 2017

Do you know what IACU means? It stands for its A Come Up. You can become a verified artist with this revolutionary service. When artists like you, get listed on the IACU Directory, music lovers from around will be able to find you on the It’s A Come Up directory. You can get verified by applying online. Once you are verified, the service will create a landing page that will boost your online visibility immediately. This means that from an upcoming Sound Cloud artist, you will become an easy to find on any online platform. More people will listen to your music once you are easily found on search engines. Music enthusiasts can find everything about you in a single place. The editor-in-Chief, Jay Fountains, has a unique groundbreaking management style. Further, the IACU Directory will boost your SEO search rankings and will promote you through their media channels.

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