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Everything About PreDevelopment Applications

valid until: 26 Apr 2019date published: 26 Apr 2018

If you are a person who wants to do something with their property then you will certainly need to come up with a good development application. It would be very difficult for you to carry out any process without a development application, however, there are some ways that can help you make the process simpler. One of the most effective ways to go is to work up a pre-development application, it is a meeting between the applicant and council planning staff. During this meeting the applicant is supposed to turn in the require documents in addition to a small fee. There are many benefits of such development applications Bathurst.
First and foremost, let us discuss the benefits and advantages of pre-DAs. One of the main advantage of a pre-DA is that it helps the applicant avoid the delays that are usually encountered during the whole assessment process. There can be many delays that the applicant might have to face and they include things like concerns from neighbors and re-designing plans.
If a development applications Bathurst is made without a pre-DA then there can be many obstructions in the way. However, with the help of pre-DA you can get confirmation to proceed with a DA. A pre-DA also has a few limitations, however the main problem with this is that if the council approves the pre-DA then you cannot make any changes to those plans. If you do change a few things then you will lose the councils permission.
These were a few things that you should know about development applications Bathurst. Pre-Das are highly recommended by councils especially in controversial proposals. With the help of these pre-Das the applicants can save themselves from a lot hassle. A pre-DA might be time consuming but it is beneficial nonetheless.



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