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Advantageous Effects Electropolishing Chicago

valid until: 13 Jun 2019date published: 13 Jun 2018

Smoothness of the metal surface is one of the primary and most advantageous effects of electro polishing. During the process, a film of varying thickness covers the surfaces of the metal. This film is thickest over micro depressions and thinnest over micro projections. Electrical resistance is at a minimum wherever the film is thinnest, resulting in the greatest rate of metallic dissolution. Electro polishing selectively removes microscopic high points or peaks faster than the rate of attack on the corresponding micro-depressions or valleys. Stock is removed as metallic salt. Metal removal under certain circumstances is controllable and can be held to 0.0001 to 0.0025 inch.

EMI specializes in the finishing of stainless steel through a process called Electropolishing and passivation. Electro-Max also offers complimentary services such as stainless steel pickling and degreasing.

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Advantageous Effects Electropolishing Chicago
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