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Head to Head Lice Treatment Center

valid until: 10 Jul 2019date published: 10 Jul 2018

2 AM and I'm sneaking around my house with a headlamp on giving my sleeping children lice checks. You know just another normal Sat morning. (Carly Kimmel, twitter)Lice tend to bring out the crazy in us. This is usually the situation in most households fighting lice, some going even as far as changing (burning) all the mattresses and linen. It’s because how lice have become a bugbear in families. Lice treatment isn’t that hard, you just need to know about them. Head lice are pests that live on human scalp and feed on human blood. They can't live away from their host for more than 3 days. They can’t jump or fly, they just crawl fast, which is how they infest others.

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LTC Main Office:
Address: 200 Main Street 1D
Monroe, CT 06468 (888) LICE-AWAY
Phone: +1-888-542-3292
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Head to Head Lice Treatment Center
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