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Act now. Save lives. Stop Opioid Overdose

valid until: 25 Oct 2019date published: 25 Oct 2018

We’re all aware of the problem. We’ve all lost someone or known someone who has. The media tells us there’s an epidemic but gives us little to no options to do anything to directly and practically combat the staggering daily death toll. is dedicated to providing educational materials and practical resources related to harm-reduction and the identification of fentanyl-laced products. Our informational pamphlets are designed to save lives, and we include a free fentanyl testing strip with every pamphlet ordered. These strips, provided for educational purposes only, are able to detect the presence of fentanyl and many of its analogues both quickly and accurately.

Our model relies on sponsorship and gifts from groups and individuals in order to offer these potentially life-saving materials at the lowest possible price: free. In other words, our response to the opioid epidemic is practical and we measure our success by the preservation of human life rather than profit. These proven effective and efficient supplies are not widely available, despite nothing but positive reviews, studies, trial runs and the likes. Until these supplies are freely available from our government, we are filling the gap and putting strips into the hands of our outreach affiliates across the USA.

Pledge any amount and we will shout you out, keep it anonymous, dedicate your gift in memory of a loved one or on someone’s behalf through our social media. 100% of all contributions go towards our suppliers and educational material production, packaging, and shipping. Please contact for further information. Give now. Do something.

Contact us for further information or to get involved. We welcome all support and ideas.



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