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Savings Realty

valid until: 06 Nov 2019date published: 06 Nov 2018

Technology has dramatically changed many things, including the real estate industry. You no longer need to make an appointment with a travel agent to buy a plane ticket, and you no longer need to spend all day driving around with an agent to find the perfect home.Technological changes now allow buyers and sellers to independently research industry trends, view recent area sales, and identify properties to buy. Real estate professionals are still invaluable when it comes to writing offers, negotiating contracts, navigating changing markets and completing the sometimes daunting escrow process, but there is no doubt that some of the work agents used to do is now done by their clients.That’s why I created Savings Realty. Quite simply, we are a firm that rewards our clients for their share of the work. We earn what we deserve, but not because it’s what the industry has always charged. That’s why we created the 1.5% Commission Program for sellers and the Commission Rebate Program for Buyers. These programs save our clients thousands of dollars on each transaction. We are a full-service real estate agency that offers exceptional service and expertise. The only difference is that we don’t charge the standard commissions rates. Use the Savings Realty Calculator below to see just how much money you could save.



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