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Living A Healthy Lifestyle with Ariix Products

valid until: 14 Nov 2019date published: 14 Nov 2018

ARIIX is a global company that provides unique high-quality products for complete &; balance nutrition, weight loss management, water &; air filtration, personal care products, essential oils and anti-aging skincare.

Many claim to have the best products, but at ARIIX we prove that we do. We spare no expense to ensure the highest quality standards are met and put our brand’s products through independent testing and certification.

You can be confident knowing that ARIIX Products provides you with not only the best of what’s out in the industry today, but we are constantly striving to provide you with industry-first resources to keep you on the leading edge of your health.

Behind The Leadership—With over 100 years of combined, successful experience, the ARIIX leadership team knows what it takes to create a lasting and thriving business. Our leadership team stands out from the crowd not only for their accomplishments, but also for their responsible management of their success. At ARIIX we are surrounded with the right people who know what it takes to truly make amazing products.

The ARIIX Seal of Approval is the gold standard that symbolizes the pursuit to always be best in class.

To hold ourselves accountable to our own standard and provide you the very best, we subject ourselves to the most stringent regulations and testing of all of our brands, from ingredients to parts to manufacturing:

Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG): Recently certified Nutrifii Optimals and Restoriix products as free of substances banned by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and other professional and amateur sports associations.

United States Pharmacopeia: Established USP guidelines that ARIIX follows. Following USP standards guarantees that the tablets or capsules dissolve so the body gets the maximum benefit from the ingredients.

Water quality standards are set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in which cities and states are required to comply with. Puritii’s filtration ability far exceeds the standards set by the EPA.

A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) refers to any food product that has been altered at the gene level. With the growing health concerns over the use of GMOs in our food supply, ARIIX is committed to producing all ARIIX Products without the use of GMOs.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are practices recommended by agencies that control authorization and licensing for the manufacture and sale of food, supplements, and drug products. These guidelines provide minimum requirements that a pharmaceutical or a food product manufacturer must meet in order to assure that the products are of high quality and do not pose any risk to the consumer. All ARIIX supplements are GMP certified.

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