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valid until: 07 Dec 2019date published: 07 Dec 2018

LED light bulb to save you up to 75% on energy bills

LED bulbs are electric lights used in light fixtures, leads use electrical energy more efficiently by directly converting electrical energy into light. Their most important feature is energy savings!
At LEDMyplace, we are one of the best manufacturers of led lighting solutions. Our products are of superior quality and have a long lifespan as compared to traditional lighting solutions. Our led bulbs consume a very low amount of power and are best in line products for interior use. We manufacture a wide and stylish range of led bulbs with choice in wattage, lumens, and packs. Our bulbs are cULus, energy star approved which makes us a reliable choice.
Some salient features of our LED bulbs are -
• varied wattage, lumens, and packs to meet all your needs.
• Highly energy efficient! Savings up to 75% compared to conventional lighting.
• improved light distribution with wide beam angles.
• Fine control over light intensity.
• Longer lifespan with 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty.
• starting at just at $9.84
• Durable body
• led retrofit kits that make installations quick and easy



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