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Ready business in Europe (Lithuania) for sale

valid until: 12 Jan 2020date published: 12 Jan 2019

Ready business in Europe (Lithuania) for sale
Purchasing a ready business allows easy and quick start of your business in Europe. Businesses already have a valid account in a reliable bank; we can also open a new bank account. In the presence of both completely new businesses and businesses with a history. Businesses have a complete package of documents confirming the state registration and official registration of the business. They do not need additional financial investments as the cost of the business already includes all the costs of re-registration and replacement of the business's management. All ready businesses have their own authorized capital. They are ready to start their activities right away. There are no debt obligations.
We offer ready businesses with a wide range of names, activities and financial indicators.
We also provide ready businesses with a license (for alcohol trade, financial activities, travel services, freight transportation and any other activities requiring permission).
If the direction of activity of the proposed businesses does not suit you, or place of business or financial indicators, you can make an order for finding a business. Specify the type of business activity, the approximate cost, and the EUROMIG project specialists will fulfill your order for finding the business you need. EUROMIG financiers, if necessary, will increase the authorized capital of the business to the joint-stock businesses specified by the Law on the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens or to the required by the State Inspection of Road Transport of the Republic of Lithuania.
Additional services:

- Assistance in getting the necessary license to run business;
- Accounting services;
- Audit of activity and a financial condition of the businesses;
- Professional assistance in tax matters;
- Lawyer services;
- Assistance in getting Residence Permit;
- Rent of offices in the cities of Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda;
- Assistance in opening branches / representative offices.

For more detailed information, please, contact the EUROMIG project staff in any way convenient for you.

Respectively Yours,

EUROMIG project group business consultant
Tel. +370 641 83625 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)



Ready business in Europe (Lithuania) for sale
Ready business in Europe (Lithuania) for sale
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