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Neoprene Rubber Sheets amp; Rolls for General Purposes

valid until: 21 Jan 2020date published: 21 Jan 2019

Neoprene Rubber Sheet - 1/64 In to 1 In thick
A roll of black neoprene rubber sheet
Neoprene rubber roll
Neoprene Rubber Sheet is made of polymerized chloroprene, a synthetic consisting carbon, hydrogen and chlorine polymer. Through the process of vulcanization, the chlorine polymers are cross-linked which enable the sheet to possess some desirable features as follows:

Good strength, abrasion property and physical toughness.
Excellent resistance against inorganic salts, acids, alkaline, thermal, ozone, detergent, mild petroleum, oil, water and solvent.
Superior flexibility, twisting and elongation features.
Smooth temperature range from -30° to 220°F.
Anti-weather and anti-aging.
Chemical inertness.
Avoid degradation form sun.

Rubber flooring.
Electrical insulation.
Table tops.
Auto repair shops.
Machine shops.
Sand & shot blasting room.
Shock absorbing pads and wear resistant pad.
Buffers and diaphragms.
Water retaining structure.
Industrial gasket, seal and hose.
Compression fit pipes.
Cart or bed liners.
Anti-corrosion coating, etc.
Neoprene rubber sheets can be manufactured s in various types and grades such as commercial grade, medium or high strength type, cloth inserted type, FDA approved type, anti-static type and other custom types. And here is a simple comparison about those neoprene sheets we supplied to help you make an easier choice.

TypesDurometerTensileElongationUV ratedChemical resistanceTemperature range
Commercial60A975 psi275%ModerateModerate-20°F to 212°F
Medium strength60A1000 psi220%ModerateModerate-20°F to 205°F
High strength60A1500 psi190%ModerateModerate-20°F to 220°F
Cloth inserted70A1500 psi175%ModerateModerate-30°F to 220°F
FDA approved60A1000 psi250%ModerateGood-30°F to 220°F
Anti-static60A1000 psi220%ModerateModerate-30°F to 220°F
Flame-fire resistant60A1200 psi200%ModerateModerate-20°F to 250°F
textured60A975 psi275%ModerateModerate-20°F to 212°FA pile of small neoprene rubber sheets in different colors
Various colors are available

Width: 2” to 36”.
Length: 5’ to 50’ or custom cut length.
Thickness: 1/64” to 1” or custom thickness
Color: black or any other color as your request.
Surface: smooth.
Durometer: 40, 50, 60, 70 or custom durometer.
Standards: ASTM D2000.
Not recommended for applications in contact with aromatic hydrocarbons and ketones.



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