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Simuride PE Professional Driving Simulator Software Hardware

valid until: 23 Jan 2020date published: 23 Jan 2019

Please Contract us virtual driving simulation tool to teach driving passenger and commercial vehicles.Simuride PE versionsWe currently offer the professional version of driving simulator in 5 different versions:1.Software 2.Full Package 3.Small Package 4.Trial 5.UpdateSimuRide Professional edition, as its name suggests, is a driving simulation software that is designed for use in teaching new and commercial drivers how to maneuver a vehicle with automatic and manual transmissions.Benefits of using a simulator instead of learning the driving process from the beginning in a carUsing a SimuRide driving simulator has many benefits:Driving lessons become a lot safer because student drivers spend the first few hours using SimuRide driving simulator. After that beginner drivers become more knowledgeable and confident when they start driving a real car. Thus, it is less likely for them to get into accidents which brings less stress to both parents and instructors, as well as, the motorists who have to share the road with student drivers.SimuRide driving simulator helps save fuel and reduces carbon emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect into the atmosphere.It makes learning how to drive more fun for the student driver. Learning how to drive with SimuRide driving simulator rather than from behind a real steering wheel is just like playing a computer game, but more focused on physics and road rules than special effects.While the student driver is not exposed to the road during the first few hours, the SimuRide driving simulator recreates the experience of driving an actual vehicle.The driving simulation software makes the students work with different driving scenarios by reproducing various driving terrains and giving the option to add various atmospheric factors that affect driving.Student drivers can also experience the feeling of driving at night; the experience that most driving schools are unable to provide because they only operate during the daytime.To gauge the progress of the student driver, the SimuRide driving simulator software has the ability to record the mistakes of the user, such as:incorrect gear shiftingignoring a stop sign or red lightforgetting about the seat beltexceeding speed limitsA message about these mistakes is delivered and the information is recorded for the instructor.Professional Driving Simulator ConfigurationsOur SimuRide driving simulator is meant for use inCommercial trucksBusesRegular Driving SchoolsPolice and Emergency Vehicle TrainingMedical/Rehabilitation driving purposesIt can work with up to four computer screens using a single computer.Installing the software to work with two-pedal or three-pedal components, a gear shifter console, and a steering wheel allows the student driver to learn and experience driving without being inside an actual car.The steering wheel turns 900 degrees and provides resistance during driving maneuvers.All these components are available in our On-Line Store separately or provided in a full/small setup package. Please read below for details.Driving Simulator SetupNew driving simulator users can reference our instructional videos shared here to help you configure SimuRide Professional based on the settings and configurations that best suit your operational needs.Our driving simulation can be configured to run on 1, 2, 3, or 4 monitors with each added display expanding the panoramic view of the simulated environment which provides your student driver with a fuller virtual driving experience.

Simuride PE Professional Driving Simulator Software Hardware
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