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Rubber Waterstop Ideal for High Movement Joints

valid until: 24 Jan 2020date published: 24 Jan 2019

Rubber Waterstops - SBR, Neoprene Or Natural Rubber
Rubber Waterstop, made of quality SBR (styrene butadiene rubber), neoprene rubber or natural rubber, is one of the widest types for concrete structure to prevent liquid leaking in or out. Generally, designed to be cast in the concrete, rubber waterstops are ideal for applications where high physical properties of rubber are required. For example, reservoirs, dams and other water retaining or excluding applications with high movements or water pressure.

Four different types of rubber waterstops: three center bulb type and one dumbbell type.
RW-01: Rubber waterstops are most widely used type for concrete constructions.

Features & benefits:

High elasticity.
High elongation.
Excellent high movement accommodation.
Capable to withstand high hydrostatic head.
Adjust for subsidence and seismic movements.
Hot vulcanized site joints.

Ideal for high movements joints.
Water containments.
Water excluding.
Tunnels and civil engineering structures.
Water and waste treatments.
Dams, reservoirs, and spillway.
Chemical areas.
Irrigation canals, sea walls and culverts.
Main types:

Dumbbell type
Dumbbell type water stops, with flat web section, are ideal for construction and partial contraction joints with little or no movements.

Center bulb type
Center bulb type waterstop, as its name implies, features its center bulb which makes it ideal for contraction and expansion joints including high lateral, transverse and shear movements. Meanwhile, it is perfect for withstanding the subsidence of the joints.

A piece of center bulb type rubber waterstop on gray background.
RW-02: Center bulb type rubber waterstop.

A piece of dumbbell type rubber waterstop on gray background.
RW-03: Dumbbell type rubber waterstop.

Plan drawing of two dumbbell rubber waterstops in different length.
RW-04: Rubber waterstop - dumbbell type.

Plan drawing of four center bulb types of rubber waterstops in different length
RW-05: Rubber waterstop – center bulb type.

As your request, other types including ribbed type, splitting type, base type or capping type can be made to your order.

All the rubber waterstops are designed to cast in the concrete as an integral joint sealing system. Pre-fabricated waterstops are also supplied to reduce site jointing.

Materials properties
SBR and neoprene rubber, as the most common materials for rubber waterstop manufacturing, are used extensively in United States and the worlds. The SBR water stop is preferred for water containment, while neoprene rubber waterstops are recommend for applications of sewage disposal or chemical industries. As your request, natural rubber, EPDM, Nitrile and Silicone waterstops are also available.

Physical propertiesTest methodsSBRHigh tensile neoprene rubberNatural rubber
Water absorption 2 days at 70°C (% change)ASTM D-4715% (max)5% (max)5% (max)
Hardness shore AASTM D-2240656565
Tensile strengthASTM D- 4123000 psi (min)2500 psi (min)3500 psi (min)
Tensile strength at 300% ModulusASTM D-4121150 psi (min)1150 psi (min)1450 psi (min)
Ultimate elongationASTM D-412450% (min)450% (min)500% (min)
Compression set 22 hours at 70°C (% original deflection)ASTM D-39530% (max)40% (max)30% (max)
Accelerated aging 96 hours at 70°C (% of tensile strength before aging)ASTM D-57380% (min)80% (min)80% (min)
Accelerated aging 96 hours at 70°C (% of elongation before aging)ASTM D-57380% (min)80% (min)80% (min)
Ozone resistance 7 days at 50 PPHM at 70°C, 20% elongationASTM D-1149No crackNo crackNo crack



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Rubber Waterstop Ideal for High Movement Joints
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