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Best Detergent For Hard Water

valid until: 30 Jan 2020date published: 30 Jan 2019

Clothes stain easily, but with these tips, a good washing machine, and Woosh, it’s easy to get rid of those stains and keep your white shirts as good as new!

General tips for Stain Removal are as follows:

-Ideally place a clean cloth or paper towel underneath the stain, so it does not spread onto the fabric underneath.

-Always pre-treat a stain before using the washing machine. Just throwing the item into the wash won’t necessarily get rid of the stain.

-Soak a cloth in water and the right detergent or stain remover and dab away at the stain. If you’re not sure, opt for cold water. Hot water can actually “set” stains like blood.

-Bleach is most effective on stains like coffee, grass, or juice, and will have little effect on oil-based stains. Make sure the fabric is safe to use with bleach by checking the garment tag. Wool and silk cannot be used with bleach. Then, dilute the bleach with water and apply directly to the stain, dabbing away until the stain disappears. Make sure to machine wash the garment immediately afterward, or the bleach may cause further stains.

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