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Custom Flat Wire or Ribbon Wire With Various Alloys and Gauge

valid until: 15 Feb 2020date published: 15 Feb 2019

Flat Wire – Wide Range of Choice and Applications
Flat Wire is drawn from round wires. It is rolled into a flat cross section into optional sizes through a series of rolling operations and intermediate anneals where necessary.

The flat wires are available in different alloys based on various applications. And gauge ranges from 0.3 mm to 12 mm. They can be packed in straight bars or coils for different requirements.

* More thickness and widths are available upon request.



Stainless steel
Copper & copper alloy
Four different materials of flat wires on gray background.
Flat Wire Text


Hot dipped galvanized
Electrical galvanized
Several different edges of flat wires on white background
Flat Wire Text


Square edge
Natural rolled
Full rounded
A piece of flat wire with square edge
FW-01: Square edge.

A piece of flat wire with rounded edge
FW-02: Rounded edge.

A piece of flat wire with natural rolled edge
FW-03: Natural edge.

A piece of flat wire with full round edge
FW-04: Full round edge.

Flat Wire Text


Thickness: .020 – .375
Width: .125 – .625
A hand is holding a vernier caliper.
Flat Wire Text


Continuous coil
Precision cut lengths
A coil of flat wires on gray background.
Flat Wire Text


Small tolerance
Burr free
Few or no welds
Accurate size in coil or straight bars
No or less secondary operations
ISO 90001 certificated
A coil of flat wire on gray background.
Flat Wire Text


Various springs
Spiral decorative mesh
Steel conveyor belt
Screw conveyor wire
Cable Armour wire
Decorative mesh
Five different types of decorative wire mesh and two types are made of flat wires.
FW-05: Decorative wire mesh.

A piece of conveyor belt with flat spiral wires.
FW-06: Steel conveyor belt

Three screw conveyor wires are made of flat wires.
FW-07: Screw conveyor wire

A cable is braided with flat wires.
FW-08: Flat wire braided cable.

Flat Wire Text



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Custom Flat Wire or Ribbon Wire With Various Alloys and Gauge

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