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Picosecond Laser Machine for Sale

valid until: 26 Feb 2020date published: 26 Feb 2019

Tattoo removal: Suddenly the day comes when you would like to have a different picture or perhaps you would not like to have any more.

The small butterfly on the ankle, the Asian characters along the spine, the name of a once loved human on the upper arm: Not every tattoo seems to be for eternity. To remove unwanted tattoos, the beauty center uses the worldwide new picosecond laser tattoo removal machine - as one of the first in Europe! This state-of-the-art laser achieves best results thanks to its unique laser technology. With the picosecond laser, the beauty center has the best laser currently available for tattoo removal.

Using the picosecond laser, both light and dark tattoos could be effectively removed. Decisive for that treatment
success may be the wave length from the laser, which should be matched towards the color (wave length spectrum) from the color pigments. Black and fast tattoos are particularly simple to remove with wavelengths in the plethora of 1064 nm, whereas red and yellow tattoo inks like 532 nm. The picosecond laser could be set to any or all the right wavelengths. When compared with previous models, laser tattoo removal is quicker, safer and impressive because of the picosecond laser using its ultra-short energy pulses. With 100x faster light pulses, the picosecond laser produces not just faster, but additionally more efficient results than, for instance, the formerly used Q-switched Nd: YAG laser.

While conventional laser models, particularly with colored tattoos, can't guarantee that they'll vanish entirely, the picosecond laser provides considerably better results. Even colored, unprofessional pierced or already unsuccessfully treated tattoos can be taken off in less sessions better in most cases without visible residues.

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