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valid until: 02 Mar 2020date published: 02 Mar 2019 is a worldwide Freelance Marketplace that allows clients to post projects and contractors to bid to work on those projects. We have freelance programmers, web developpers, translators and other talented professionals from the United States, the UK, Canada, South America, India, Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Romania) and other parts of the world registered on this site to provide you with competitive services.
It costs nothing for a client to post a project. It costs nothing for a contractor to bid on a project. Contractors get only charged a small percentage of the value of any project that they get awarded.
Who are the clients? From individuals, webmasters and small business owners to companies and corporations, a large variety of clients come to looking for help on their projects or to outsource their projects. Typical projects that are listed on this site include custom web design, programming, graphic design, translation projects and much more!
Who are the contractors? Contractors are Freelancers, IT professionals, Software Developers, Translators, Consultants, Graphic Designers, Freelance Coders or any Professionals who are looking for contract work. offers an excellent opportunity for skillful individuals to earn income working from home from paid gigs.
Go Global today! Registration is free for both clients and contractors. Find a freelancer for your project at no cost.




web site: http://url

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