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Constant Aligned Berlinlasers Glass Lens Blue Laser Diode Module

valid until: 14 Mar 2020date published: 14 Mar 2019

After the adoption of advanced laser diode tech applied blue laser diode module, on basis of quite high intensity blue laser beam emission and quite easy connect with an external DC input power supply, it will make immediate and highly clear blue reference dot projection in distance. It is getting even better thermal emitting than 473nm blue DPSS laser system, owing to direct diode emission and excellently designed thermal emitting system, this blue laser dot alignment tool obtains quite low production cost and the most stable dot projection in long term use.
Being made with qualified glass coated lens and quite strict laser beam stability up to 24 hours, blue laser diode module is a real industrial stabilized dot measuring device. It is keeping clear and accurate dot generation, without any appearance of laser light decay or blur in use. Within freely installed distance of 3 meters, this compact structure made blue dot laser gets quite easy installation and adjustment. Besides its formal use of industrial precise device manufacturing works, it is also getting marvelous positioning result for laser show, laser displaying, communication and lab experiment etc.

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