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Book Scanning Services

valid until: 22 Mar 2020date published: 22 Mar 2019

With the help of the book conversion services offered by Sun Data Entry, the large volume of books and piles of documents can be segregated in the simpler form and can be saved in the e-files. This can make your important files handy to your computers, desktop, laptops, palm tops or even on mobile phones. Not only that, but the e-documents and e-books are far more cost effective in comparison with the pen and paper counterparts. Storage of the data also becomes easier with electronic usage.

Process followed to convert the books by Sun Data Entry:-
Step 1:– We scan the various documents, journals, magazines, articles, books, or any other data format which has been provided by the client. While doing the scanning of the data, we make sure that the given data is maintained and stored properly.

Step 2:- After scanning the documents, we cross check and align all the necessary images, graphs, charts, tables etc. to ensure the proper formatting.

Step 3:- We encode the text, images, graphs, charts etc. from the handwritten or printed form to the electronic format with the usage of OCR Optimal Character Recognition.

Step 4:- In this step, our pool of experts ensure to streamline the text mentioned.

Step 5:- Once, the text mentioned has been streamlined, another essential step of the process is to proof read the given data. Our professionals proof read the data as per the requirement and remove if any mistakes have been made. Also, at the same time, we format the data into a proper format and make it stylish according to the need.

Step 6:- Once, the data has been out into the specific, appropriate and stylish format, we convert the data into the desired version suggested by the client. We use ultra tech soft ware’s to convert the data, which ensure the longevity of the version converted.

Step 7:- After the conversion is done, the proper editing process is being carried out. At the same time, we double check the reliability, accuracy and quality of the data. Once, the process is completed, we deliver the same to our esteemed clients.

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Book Scanning Services

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