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Use Ecofriendly LED Solar Street Flood Light Saves 100 Energy

valid until: 26 Mar 2020date published: 26 Mar 2019

Till now we might be knowing about the LED flood lights and the solar lights individually only but LEDMYplace using its best expertise in the LED lighting industry have designed LED solar flood light that provides lighting through a more renewable way energy and that too in an economical way. This LED solar flood light is available as a kit which includes a 40W solar panel, a battery (having 1000 lifecycles), a 15W LED solar flood lamp and a microwave controller that all when combined together give outstanding amazing lighting results.

Benefits of using this LED solar flood light are as follows:

* If the LED lighting alone can reduce the energy consumption by 75%, this LED solar flood light has the ability to reduce the energy bills by 100%.
* You can use this set for at least 50,000 hours or even more than that and also there is no lamp replacement with in the first 50,000 hours.
* With the beam angle of more than 140 degree, this solar flood light set is used to illuminate the wider and huge spaces with removing all dark spots with 100% efficiency.
* The color temperature is 6000K (daywhite-cool white light glow) that makes it perfect for lighting the outdoor places; also the light rays are free from the UV or IR radiation that otherwise are dangerous for the environment.
* This LED solar flood light is portable and light in weight and can be carried from one place to another easily.

So use this eco-friendly LED solar flood light that starts instantly if the battery is charged completely during the daytime then it will lighten the environment during the nights.



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