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Beautiful and Lovely male and female Congo African Grey Parrots.

valid until: 02 Apr 2020date published: 01 Apr 2019

African Grey parrots are famous for their amazing talking ability. These birds are able to remember and mimic hundreds of words. I was surprised with one African Grey parrot we had in store that not only spoke beautifully, but also mimicked local birds from where it grew up in the Blue Mountains; such as Currawongs and Bell Birds and did so with perfect clarity. Like most parrots they usually don't start talking until they reach at least 9 months of age.



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Hello, I need to rehome my 12 weeks olde English Bulldogg. He is absolutely gorgeous!! White with a brown saddle like marking on his back. He is wonderful with children of all ages. He is starving for attention that we just cannot give him. He has been raised with my three children that are under the age of 7 years old, niece's and nephews, another small dog, and cat.

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Talking African Grey Parrots Talking African Grey Parrots

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Amazing talking twin African Grey Parrots for re homing. Have you ever been looking for a talking companion? Then you must have found some with my twin talking African Grey Parrots. They are well tamed, healthy and will make just the best you had ever require from a pet.They will greet and response.They are looking a caring and lovely home for much love and affection.Please contact me for more about these babies if interested.

date: 25 Jun 2019 - 25 Jun 2020