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PT. AdhyaGrahaKencana

valid until: 06 Apr 2020date published: 06 Apr 2019

PT. AdhyaGrahaKencana provides a complete range of products to the professional cleaning industry. From pest control, autoscrubber, high pressure water jet cleaner,housekeepingequipments, vacuum cleaner to a complete selection of floor care machines. In addition to cleaning machines, we also offer a full range of cleaning chemicals suitable for commercial, hospital, industrial purposes, including the food and beverage industry


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UNIWIPER provide Wipers with 100% Australian Owned 1 Year Warranty 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Free Delivery Australia. You can return the item for a refund or we can supply a replacement item. We offer Windscreen Wiper Blades, Bosch Wiper Blades, and Wiper Blade Replacement for your car in Australia at affordable price. Shop On

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Clothes stain easily, but with these tips, a good washing machine, and Woosh, it’s easy to get rid of those stains and keep your white shirts as good as new!General tips for Stain Removal are as follows:-Ideally place a clean cloth or paper towel underneath the stain, so it does not spread onto the fabric underneath.-Always pre-treat a stain before using the washing machine. Just throwing the item into the wash won’t necessarily get rid of the stain.-Soak a cloth in water and the right detergent or stain remover and dab away at the stain. If you’re not sure, opt for cold water....

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