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Air Operated DoubleDiaphragm Pumps (AODD)

valid until: 20 Apr 2020date published: 20 Apr 2019

Advantages of Air Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps (AODD)

Simple to use
We all love simple things which are easy to use, assemble or install. One of the significant selling purposes of AODD pumps are their oversimplified structure and development. AODD pumps don't have any complicated fit, sliding or pivoting parts, which makes installation is minimal. Their ease of use combined with a highly efficient-ability of pumping most resources makes them the pump of choice for most in the industry.

AODD pumps can run dry without the requirement for oil or costly lubricants. Accordingly they don't get clogged, slow down, or result in broken internal parts. They additionally include completely fixed units, meaning they might almost certainly be totally submerged in fluid. Manufacturers frequently offer AODD pumps manufacturers provide these in sizes capable of pumping as moderate as 1 gallon for every minute and other custom alternatives for additional adaptability.

Safe and Secure
The lone fuel required for AODD pump is compressed air. AODD pumps don't require the utilization of power or any other fuel source that may represent a hazard for working staff who work or use them on day to day basis.

Lightweight and Mobile
This versatility makes AODD pumps flexible in numerous aspects. They might be effectively transported starting with one area then onto the next as they are very simple to dismantle, fix, and clean compared with different Pumps that have various electrical segments and parts.

We have variety of pumps in the market manufactured with different technology, features & combination with similar output, but few systems are highly safe, productive, efficient, durable and reliable that Air Operated Double-Diaphragm pumps.

Varieties of similar pumps are used majorly by specific industries across nations, Antlia Works is among the leading AODD pump manufactures in Africa, India, Australia & the Middle-east.



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