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Install LED PAR16 Bulbs Switch to Greener Lighting Products

valid until: 25 Apr 2020date published: 25 Apr 2019

We all have to take care of the environment and it is not the responsibility of any individual. This time rather than cursing others for polluting the environment, let’s take a step forward by opting greener form of lights that will be helpful in reducing the level of air pollution manifolds. Only the LEDs are considered as the safest and greener form of lighting option and you can start by replacing traditional halogen bulbs with eco-friendly LED bulbs at the indoor commercial and residential places. Install LED PAR16 Bulbs that has GU10 base and are useful for general area lighting purposes.

Other advantages of using these LED PAR16 bulbs are as follows:

• These 6.5w LED PAR16 bulbs can be replaced with 30W incandescent or halogen light bulb to make savings of more than 80%. Also these bulbs have CRI of greater than 90 that is useful to make the objects look more real and natural.
• The color temperature of these bulbs is 5000k that delivers white day light glow, also the lumen output of these bulbs is 500 lumens that providing more visible lighting.
• The wider beam angle of 40 degree solves general purpose lighting in a more enhanced way.
• These bulbs don’t require any warm up time nor produce any kind of heated rays as well, that otherwise can make the surroundings look more heated and suffocated as well.
• The PAR 16 bulbs with base type GU10 can easily be retrofitted with the existing halogen lamp fixtures with GU10 sockets.
So take a step forward by installing LED PAR16 bulbs at the indoor places, also once installed these bulbs can work for greater than 15,000 hours as well.



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