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Hockey Foundation PenaltyBox Foundation

valid until: 27 May 2020date published: 27 May 2019

Hockey Foundation:
The PenaltyBox Foundation provides critical support to hockey players and their families around the globe. A 501c3 nonprofit, we provide microgrants to families or teams in need to ensure no hockey player ever has to stay on the bench. Requests for donations are reviewed by a committee of hockey coaches, players and parents across the United States and Canada. As Foundation, we maximize the benefit to our #hockeyfamily by capping our administration costs at 30% of our monthly budget.

Hockey Charity:
The PenaltyBox Foundation ensures any individual can be a playmaker whether in a game or in life. Our 501c3 charity, provide microgrants to hockey families in need so that a player or a team can focus on the game and not life’s hardships.

Individual Hockey Grants:
The PenaltyBox Foundation is there for the assist in time of hardship for any individual hockey player. Hockey can be an expensive sport as our hard-hitting sport can hasten the need to replace equipment. When troubling life events occur, it can be difficult for players to focus on the game. Let us be a teammate you can rely on by applying for one of our individual hockey grants. Families in need can visit our Contact Us section, fill out an online form and submit it for committee review.

Youth Hockey Grants:
Any community who wants to promote their hockey program deserves to have the funds necessary to make their team a success. We support youth and communities in all socio-economic backgrounds across the globe. At PenaltyBox Foundation we have been organizing fundraising events for over 20 years. We have the skills to help you create a successful tournament, car wash or carnival for youth of all ages. Looking to improve your program? We have the passion for hockey and answer your most pressing questions. All event support does require a portion of your funds to be donated back to PBF.

Grants for Hockey:
At PenaltyBox Foundation we want all hockey players to have the proper equipment to look good for a victory celebration. Individuals or Teams can apply for grants to help offset the expense of gear maintenance. PBF partners with leaders in the hockey industry to provide support to teams from Dracut to Dauphin to Dubrovnik we assist our #hockeyfamily in securing pieces of new equipment or making sure arena conditions are safe for players and fans alike. Simply fill out a grant request via our Contact Us section and eliminate the worry of keep blades sharp or skating with cracked foam in your helmet!

If your child wants to play hockey and grow their skills, they should be able to skate without fear of financial hardship. With that in mind, PenaltyBox Foundation has created scholarships to help youth have access to quality equipment, locate nearby teams and participates in tournaments around the world. We particularly encourage emerging teams in lower economic communities to apply for support.

Hockey Foundation PenaltyBox Foundation

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