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The Letter.

valid until: 28 Jun 2020date published: 28 Jun 2019

The Letter.
Alpha Centauri System…or…Barnard’s Star In the
Constellation of Ophiuchus?

A book by Gordon Ferguson Mackenzie

A Sci-fi Adventure Story

ISBN 078-0-244-77288-8
General Access….

A star system that is nearest to our planet and Sun.
And a constellation which has a Star that is the fourth nearest star to our Sun.

Question: Would you immigrate on a spaceship with ten thousand other humans, and only have a slim hope of finding a planet that is suitable to sustain human life, and if you found such a planet, survive on and colonize the planet and live your whole life out on the planet, never to return to your home world, Planet Earth?

On thirty-first of March 2100, the first year of the twenty-second century, the spaceship Daedalus left its orbit around the planet Earth and started on a journey through space to look for a planet that’s capable of sustaining Human Life. This is the story of that journey.

Space....The future of Humans.

Have a look at the preview of the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iTunes,, Kobo, Scribd. Adobe and most other book sites. And if you wish, purchase The Letter.

Lulu Publications: North Carolina, USA


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The Letter.

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