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Dragon Blood Sage Leaf

valid until: 26 Aug 2020date published: 26 Aug 2019

Dragon Blood Sage Leaf 4” - $15.00 each

Smudging is an important purification ritual in many different cultures and traditions, typically used for cleansing and sending out prayers. This three pack of smudge sticks blends mountain sage with dragon's blood resin, mingling two of the most popular fragrances in magical practice into a wonderful ritual tool. Use them for ritual purification, to carry your prayers, for banishing, etc. Dragon's Blood is used for protection, energy, purification, magickal potency, banishing negative influences, banishing bad habits, removing negativity, and bringing good luck. Sage is used for purification, removing negative energy, healing, wisdom, improving mental ability, wishing, and dealing with grief and loss. 

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Dragon Blood Sage Leaf

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