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SelfRealisation Mentoring Thelifehub

valid until: 10 Oct 2020date published: 10 Oct 2019

Self-realisation mentoring offers support and compassionate input for those on a spiritual path, and those engaged in self-reflection who want someone to talk to for the purposes of greater self-understanding. To journey with a mentor is an opportunity to be seen compassionately, empathetically and without harsh judgement. for more details Please visit



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SelfRealisation Mentoring Thelifehub
SelfRealisation Mentoring Thelifehub

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Psquico Africano Psquico Africano

Psquico Africano

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African Psychic African Psychic

African Psychic

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Great African Seer Mr Seku, very recognized gift and well known in America, Europe and Africa. Specialized on recovering the affection from the loved one, union of love, divorces. I help you with any problem or situation related to work, business, money, spells, enemies or health issues. Quick results and I work efficiently. Expert on reading faces in photos. I do speak Spanish and French.Skype ID :Seku Seku WhatsApp available +34697512458

date: 27 Sep 2020 - 27 Sep 2021