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Astellia Online offers a voice conversation system

valid until: 22 Nov 2020date published: 22 Nov 2019

Unlike other closed beta, nevertheless, that of Astellia Online can be said to be a step farther, in fact the game has been launched in Asia and is therefore devoid of all of the bugs generally within the closed beta. So that the evaluation was completed to test all of the gambling systems, and that's exactly what we're likely to see.

I immediately perceived of the attempts that have been designed to adapt the game to the Western market. In reality, bringing a game from Asia into the West doesn't consist just of translating the lyrics and hiring celebrities that loop the characters with the English voice and this in itself is quite complex.

The language barrier is certainly particularly because modern MMOs contain dialogues and quests that have to be interpreted. However Astellia Online appears to be oriented to dialogues that are outspoken so this procedure was certainly easier.

With inform you phrases and will speak with you. Even NPCs offering quests often start by saying something. Your firstcelebrity will probably be Rota, who'll get drunk .

From what I've seen, it seems that the work has been completed nicely. In fact, Astellia Online offers a voice conversation system in the first areas of the game, and I think that the porting of this part is practically complete.

The other change between the Asian version and the variant that is European is your monetization system. You can not dismiss the fact that the game was intended for a totally different audience, which is reflected in the sport. Looking at pre-orders, we see how the team intends to market Astellia from the West, and this thing has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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