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Prepare Your Immunity: Winter Flu is Coming

valid until: 08 Jan 2021date published: 08 Jan 2020

As the days grow shorter, the weather turns cool and crisp; people turn their attention to spiced pumpkin, fall, and the health conditions that come with it - flu.
The Immune System:
The body's immune system is not always easy to manage when it comes to keeping you flu-free as the seasons change. Rather than being a single entity, your immune system is a complicated and interwoven system involving most of the body's systems, including nervous, digestive, lymphatic, and circulatory. It works in balance and harmony to function properly. However, bad health practices and a sedentary lifestyle weaken the immune system making it unable to function the way it's supposed to. While an in-depth look at the immune system would be exhaustive, there are some well-accepted tips to keep your immunity at it's best.
Get enough sleep:
Sleep is a priority for most of the body's systems to work effectively, and the immune system is no exception. While the exact amount of sleep a person needs can be highly individual, it is advised that most people get a solid 7 to 8 hours each night to keep the immune system in top shape. Sleep-deprived people secrete cortisol (stress hormone), which could suppress the function of the immune system.
Avoid tobacco smoking:
The adverse health effects of smoking have been common knowledge. Aside from its ravaging effects on cancer and the cardiovascular system, smoking and air pollution keep the immune system overworked and bogged down as it fights to remove pollutants and mitigate the inflammation. Second-hand smoke and third-hand smoke can also suppress the function of the immune system. If you are unable to avoid second/third-hand smoke, try getting an air filter/purifier.
Pay attention to your diet:
While arguments rage on the perfect human diet, the body needs a variety of nutrient-dense foods. Leafy greens, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, lean meats, and healthy fats all provide the vital nutrients required to help your immune system work effectively.
Recent research has revealed two separate aspects of diet are to health and the immune system. First is the importance of anti-inflammatory foods. Healthy fats and herbs like turmeric and ginger reduce the body's level of inflammation, which makes it easier for the body organs to perform at their best. Second, and more profound is the influence of the gut microbiome. Probiotics and prebiotics keep the gut in top shape, which is essential in fighting off all types of infection. Their impact on aspects of health, including neural processing and immune function, has been revelatory for scientists and doctors.
While these tips cover the basics of providing a good foundation for a healthy immune system, problems sometimes still occur. Allergies are one example. They are often related to a disorder of the immune system. Often less severe cases can be treated by a local doctor. Severe cases may require the attention of a specialist. People with severe allergic reactions may travel overseas to get the best medical care from allergy doctors (immunologists). The United States of America and Singapore are commonly known for having among the best immunologists.
A change in scenery
Historically, medical practitioners have suggested the need for a sick person with a compromised immune system to travel to another place. Often the rest, treatment, and healthy diets were just what the doctor ordered.
If you've followed these steps, and you still have the flu or significant allergic reactions, consult a doctor. There could be potential immune system disorders, and a doctor can come up with a plan for managing your allergy symptoms.
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Prepare Your Immunity: Winter Flu is Coming

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